Lactation Services

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Feeding or pumping consult in a clinic setting! Located inside Empower Your Pelvis in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Clinic visits last 90 minutes and will go over any issues you may be having, such as:

  • Painful breastfeeding
  • Low milk supply
  • Oversupply and overactive letdown
  • Bottle preference or refusal
  • Suspected tongue tie or oral restrictions
  • Combination feeding
  • Gassy, fussy baby
  • Weaning
  • Returning to work and pumping
  • Prenatal education and consults

…anything else you may need to address!

Each consult will provide you with a care plan afterwards to make sure you have an actionable plan to reach your infant feeding goals.

Your consult comes with free weight checks in clinic and 1 week of text support!

“It is my goal to provide evidence-based lactation and infant feeding care for each family. I am committed to providing quality care, regardless of gender identity, race, religion, age or income. My mission is to provide you with a plan to feed your baby which fits into your own family’s lifestyle.”

-Sarah Hartenberger, IBCLC and owner of Nurture Lactation


Feeding consult in the comfort of your own home, which will go over issues you may be having, give education and support, and develop a plan to succeed in your infant feeding goals. Includes 2 weeks of text support.


Virtual feeding consult with an IBCLC over a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform. I will be able to help with latching, painful/sore nipples, pumping and much more virtually. Whether you need a full consult and assessment or feel like you almost have it figured out and just need some minimal guidance, I have you covered!


Nurturing Baby: Breastfeeding 101

Topics include how to make milk, how to tell if baby is getting enough, how partners can help and when to seek support.

Pump It Up: A Return to Work Pumping Course

Learn about pumping, bottle feeding, storing milk and how much your baby will need when away from you.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

After my oldest child was born, we struggled with breastfeeding. I had not prepared, but assumed I’d be okay since my mom had been successful. That was a terrible assumption. My journey nursing my son led to a passion to educate and help other families in their own infant feeding journey.

With over 4 years of personal breastfeeding experience, ultimately leading me to become an IBCLC, I know the real life ins and outs of feeding a baby. From the first days, to being a working, pumping mom, to weaning and everything in between, I’m passionate about it because I’ve lived it.

“I reached out to Sarah for some advice because I really wanted the same bonding experience I had with my first and she was able to solve all of my lactation problems! She helped me even out my supply, gave me some great positions to try, and encouraged me to keep trying. My little one is 6 weeks old now and we are well on our way to a successful breastfeeding journey!”