Pumping doesn't have to suck!

(Or be painful!)

Flange fit can impact comfort and efficiency of milk removal. Most people who pump are not wearing the correct size!

When to get a flange sizing: prenatally (after 36 weeks) or postnatally (10-14 days postpartum with re-sizing at 6 weeks postpartum if needed).

What to expect:

  • Measurement of your nipples to find the best size flange for you
  • Follow-up via text or email to make sure the sizing is right when you’re actually pumping
  • Recommendations for flange types
  • Re-sizing at 10-14 days postpartum, then again at 6 weeks postpartum if needed

<< No matter if you book a flange fitting prenatally or postnatally, you will still get re-measurements at 10-14 days and 6 weeks postpartum. >>

**Note: at this time, initial flange fittings are only available in clinic. Virtual flange fittings coming soon!**