Sarah Brock, IBCLC

After my oldest child was born, we struggled with breastfeeding. I had not prepared, but assumed I’d be okay since my mom had been successful. That was a terrible assumption. My journey nursing my son led to a passion to educate and help other families in their own infant feeding journey.

With over 4 years of personal breastfeeding experience, ultimately leading me to become an IBCLC, I know the real life ins and outs of feeding a baby. From the first days, to being a working, pumping mom, to weaning and everything in between, I’m passionate about it because I’ve lived it. My passion for lactation led me to opening Nurture Lactation in 2019, initially focusing on education, then individual consults.

In addition to being an IBCLC, I hold a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communications and Spanish from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Yes, that means I speak Spanish as well! I continue to build my lactation education through various trainings and continuing education so that I may serve families with the most updated evidence-based research. I share knowledge and information so that you can make the best informed decision for your family’s needs.


Morgan Shippy, RN, IBCLC

In 2017, I graduated nursing school with anticipation and excitement to start my career as an RN in Labor/Delivery/Mother/Baby. I loved being present with laboring mothers, and observing and assisting in births. However, I found myself truly ENJOYING those nights on the postpartum unit helping nursing mothers breastfeed and troubleshoot during those first few hours and days after birth. I CRAVED more education to better help the families I was encountering.

Soon after this desire to further my education started blooming, I began my own breastfeeding journey with my daughter. To say it was hard would be an understatement. Physical challenges led me to exclusively pump. It felt like we had obstacle after obstacle to overcome with breastfeeding/pumping, all while recovering physically and emotionally from a stressful birth experience. By that point, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to learn more and pursue my IBCLC certification. I now feel incredibly blessed that I have the privilege of getting to wake up and LOVE what I do each day! I am so PASSIONATE about continually learning and growing as a Lactation Consultant, in order to provide families with the best information and resources they need wherever they are at in their journey.